List #20: Things I’m Ashamed of Liking

15 May, 2013

I mean, not really that ashamed, given that I’m telling people about it. But semi-ashamed.

  • Country Music (A lot of it, anyway.)
  • Kim Kardashian (Well, pre-pregnancy. And in an aesthetic sense only.)

  • Taylor Swift (I still really like that Trouble song. Goat version, or otherwise.)

That is (start at 2:02):

Or, alternately:

  • ABC’s Once Upon a Time
  • Leather Couches (People tell me they are not good. I disagree.)

There are probably more, but those are the ones that came into my head just now. And there are certainly more that I won’t admit.

In other news, check out my other blog, Pixels of Thrones! It’s, as you might be able to tell from the title, pixelated versions of Game of Thrones characters.


One comment

  1. These are all kind of non-embarrassing. What are the ones you won’t admit?

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