List #19: Movies I’ve Only Liked Because I Saw Them On A Plane

2 March, 2013

The title, mostly, says it all. I’m not afraid of flying, nor do I often get motion sick, I just get really bored when I’m on an airplane. So, anything I watch in said situation, I end up liking much more than I probably would otherwise. Not that this is a scientifically proven statement, but there are many movies I’ve seen on planes that everyone hated and yet I still enjoyed. Beats looking out the window at clouds for 6 hours.

  • Click – Yep, Adam Sandler, but still I liked it.
  • Yes Man – Not one of Jim Carrey’s better movies, but it was fun!
  • Fun With Dick and Jane – Well, I had fun with Dick and Jane. On a plane.
  • Hancock – This one has Jason Bateman so it can’t be all bad, right? Also there’s one track on the soundtrack that’s really good.
  • Hitch – I’m not sure I actually saw all of this one. But I was at least entertained.
  • Marley and Me – Okay so this one might actually be good. But I still think I liked it better than I would have otherwise.

Well, that seemed like that would be a longer list when I started it… I’m pretty sure there are others, equally mediocre films that somehow provide an escape from the no-leg-room-funny-smelling-boring airplane cabin. But I can’t remember them now. I block out flights, I guess.

That’s it, for another fascinating romp through what I find interesting occasionally.


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