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[19/11/07] The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation: On November 19th, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most memorable speeches in United States history. This is how would look at a business conference.

[26/11/07] Talking Kitties: Weird, but funny.

[3/12/07] Judge suspended for jailing court: Hilarious. He was under stress in his personal life… I guess that accounts for it. Shouldn’t really be under humor, but…

[10/12/07] How much punishment can a robot dinosaur take?: This is pretty hilarious. One of the newest toys out in time for Christmas (I believe) is Pleo, a robot dinosaur. The people over at DVICE want to break it. It reacts pretty much like a real creature, which is half funny and half scary. Decide for yourself.

[10/12/07] Top 14 spurious productivity surveys: What it sounds like. Strange estimates like coughing costing Britain £875 million a year. Read through to the end, the guy’s sign off is funny.

[10/12/07] Hindu gods get summons from court: Another strange but awesome judge story.

[17/12/07] The 2007 Holiday Guide to iCr@p: iPods are really cool. Many things designed for iPods are not.

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[19/11/07] 23AndMe Will Decode Your DNA for $1,000. Welcome to the Age of Genomics: This is really cool. Basically the cost of DNA sequencing has gone down so much that private enterprises have started doing it for surprisingly low cost. They will tell you your ancestry, your family, as well as talents you may have and your risks for developing certain diseases. Raises a lot of interesting ethical questions, but I’m still amazed. [N.B.: The site of the company is, fairly obviously, 23AndMe.com]

[26/11/07] Man-sized sea scorpion claw found: Ah, aren’t we glad that things this big don’t exist anymore…

[26/11/07] Scientists coax skin cells to mimic stem cells: This is awesome. From a scientific perspective, an ethical one, and a political one as well. Hopefully the Bush administration (although on its way out) and other conservative governments will be able to allow research done on these stem cells. There are no worries about destroying an embryo, or anything like that, and with some more research and testing, they are basically equivalently useful. With luck.

[26/11/07] Mankind “shortening the universe’s life”: I preface this link with the fact that I do not understand this at all. If you do, please comment and explain. Nevertheless, it’s pretty creepy.

[3/12/07] NASA outlines manned Mars vision: Well, this is awesome. Finally. It’s still really far away, but at least there’s a plan.

[3/12/07] Scientists Create Zombie Cockroaches: They just keep walking, and following whoever leads them. Stolen chemicals from a wasp which leads them home for supper.

[3/12/07] Rare Mummified Dinosaur Unearthed: Yay dinosaurs! Yay mummies! Yay… skin and muscle?

[10/12/07] Getting a Grip: Building the Ultimate Robotic Hand: A really interesting article on robots and how they learn. More captivating than you would think.

[10/12/07] Making Skin Cells Into Stem Cells Minus the Cancer: An update on the story I posted a few weeks ago.

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[19/11/07] Actor and “Science Guy” in Enviro-Smackdown: So, Ed Begley, Jr. and one of my personal heroes from childhood, Bill Nye the Science Guy are basically fighting to have a lower carbon footprint at their home. They live down the street from each other. Keeping up with the Joneses, except much nerdier and better for the environment. Awesome.

[26/11/07] 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets: This is just a list of various fun things that have been sold recently, with no real value, but claiming to have almost supernatural powers of recovery, healing, etc., etc.

[26/11/07] Tesla Coil Tetris: This has nothing to do with Tetris. Rather, it’s from the Nutcracker, and pretty cool. I don’t understand the title, either.

[3/12/07] LEGOs make the perfect Scrabble board: Two amazing things… combined!!!

[10/12/07] Mysterious mammal caught on film: These little guys are awesome. They can jump around like nothing else, and have huge ears. Strangely, their massive tails are not mentioned in the article, but nevertheless they are at least three times their body length.

[10/12/07] Sassy red automobile bares all: Ever wanted to see every single part of a car laid out? No, eh? Well, you still can. Here.

[17/12/07] Places we don’t want to live: 9 buildings shaped like things: Am I weird if I think upside-down houses are cool?

[17/12/07] Smart Stool Is Listening: This is hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s intended to be or not…

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[19/11/07] Strike or No Strike, for a Select Few, Saturday Night Was Live: Basically the writers and actors of Saturday Night Live, both the current cast as well as old favorites such as Darrel Hammond got together at a theater in Chelsea on Saturday and performed Saturday Night Live. They used some new skits, and more importantly performed may skits that NBC rejected as too racy or offensive. Which presumably means they were hilarious. And, it was hosted by Michael Cera, George Michael on the wonderful Arrested Development (may it rest in peace). The performance was to raise money for the SNL crew that had been laid off because of the writer’s strike. And of course, it was not broadcast, due to the terms of the strike. I wish I had been there.

[3/12/07] Ecospot: Grand Prize Winner: The Sky Is Falling: Funny video. Not funny topic.

[3/12/07] Co-worker, Not Cell Phone, Was Killer: This is the second part of a story which unfortunately overwrote the first part (the same web-link). A man was found dead with a melted cell phone battery in his shirt pocket, and large wounds to the chest. It was said that the cell phone had exploded, killing the man. This was found to be untrue, as you will read.

[10/12/07] US Opposes Climate Text at UN Conference: Another example of the US being stupid about global warming.

[10/12/07] Al Gore – Nobel Lecture: This is Al Gore’s speech that he gave when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize today. Incredible speech, in my opinion, and clearly an important topic to me (and the world). You really should read it, if just to please me. (I can see what you click on, you know.)

[17/12/07] Bali Climate Talks: Okay, so it’s not binding, and it’s nothing too severe. But the US finally agreed to a worldwide climate deal. We’re getting closer, people. Just not close enough…

[17/12/07] Merriam Webster’s Word of the Year 2007: Yay vocabulary! Or should I say, w00t vocabulary!

[17/12/07] Google Zeitgeist 2007: This is an interesting site (run by Google) showing the most popular searches in various categories throughout 2007. What’s more fun is that it shows graphs of searches over time, so you can pinpoint weird things that Britney Spears did, for example.

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[26/11/07] “Don’t Give Up on Vista” Web Ad: Funny.

[26/11/07] Wired Puts Your Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope: This is exactly what it sounds like.

[26/11/07] Piano PC mod strikes an unusual key: This is just entertaining.

[3/12/07] Cellphone’s slosh and rattle reveal its contents: While this is a pretty cool way to tell battery power or text message count, I feel like it would get annoying for other people really quickly…

[3/12/07] Eye Power device boasts point-and-shoot eyesight boost for the brave: Ummm… if you want to try this, go right ahead. Let me know how it works. I’m not going near it.

[10/12/07] MacHeist: I really like macs. And, I really like scavenger hunts, both on and off line. However, most of the online ones require you to have a PC. Not this one. Also, you get free software! Everyone wins! Check it out, it’s only just begun, and it’s pretty fun.

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[26/11/07] Purple Violets: The first full-length movie to have its debut on the iTunes Music Store. Actually looks pretty cool on its own; I would want to see it if it didn’t have such a high price tag. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right?

[3/12/07] Skycast.com — Star Wars v Star Trek: A pretty cool video made with lights and long exposures.

[3/12/07] Jelly Blobs of Doom: Wow. That is all I can say. An incredibly addictive game.

[10/12/07] The Vegetable Orchestra: Well, you’ll see what it is. Further investigation of Youtube led me to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. They are what you think they are, although a bit smaller. However, they also (although being kind of bad singers) do what is arguably the thing I like most in music, singing different melodies (from pop tunes, mostly) on top of each other and having them fit in. Here are their performances of David Bowie’s Life on Mars, and a medley starting with Handel (Hotel California is a bad choice, but the rest is good).

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[3/12/07] Apple Developing Mini CD/DVD-ROM Adapter For Slot Loading Drives: This has taken them far too long. Seriously, this should have been fixed a long time ago.

[17/12/07] New billboard puts voices in your head: I do not like this one bit.

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[3/12/07] Folder Quick Look Plugin: This little doohickey allows you to see the contents of a folder in Mac OS Leopard when you’re using Quick Look, instead of just a picture of the folder, which is pretty uninformative.

[3/12/07] Wallpaper Clocks: For all operating systems, these are wallpapers that have a clock on them, which changes with the time. Pretty cool, I think. Especially the Patek Philippe one, in my opinion.

[17/12/07] PowerOrgasm X: Geeky and awkward. Do we need any help in that department? Note: I have not tried this out; I’ve been too scared.

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