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The Sabbath and the Sunday

11 August, 2009

This isn’t going to be a list, just some thoughts that I’ve had recently. As some of you may know, for the past month (maybe five weeks?) I haven’t been using my computer on Sundays. This isn’t a religious thing or anything, I just wanted one day a week that I would be internet/technology free, and Sunday seemed easiest. But a week ago I realised that the better day would be Saturday. That way, if anyone had something that needed my urgent attention before work/school on Monday, I could still deal with it in advance, since anything that happened on Saturday would most likely be about Monday.

And this got me to thinking. The Jewish day of rest is in a much better position than the Christian one. But, not originally. When it was only Saturday, that would have no advantages or disadvantages. But as soon as Sunday popped up too and became the mainstream, that meant that the Jews were one day back, and so could catch up when Christians couldn’t (on Sunday). This wouldn’t be as much of a big deal before computers and other instantaneous communication, but it must have made some kind of effect.

The Jews also have the sundown to sundown deal going, which also seems like a good idea, because no one day is completely taken up by religion, but parts of two.

So yeah, Jews=awesome. Also, sabbath sounds so cool, compared to Sunday, at least.