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The Sabbath and the Sunday

11 August, 2009

This isn’t going to be a list, just some thoughts that I’ve had recently. As some of you may know, for the past month (maybe five weeks?) I haven’t been using my computer on Sundays. This isn’t a religious thing or anything, I just wanted one day a week that I would be internet/technology free, and Sunday seemed easiest. But a week ago I realised that the better day would be Saturday. That way, if anyone had something that needed my urgent attention before work/school on Monday, I could still deal with it in advance, since anything that happened on Saturday would most likely be about Monday.

And this got me to thinking. The Jewish day of rest is in a much better position than the Christian one. But, not originally. When it was only Saturday, that would have no advantages or disadvantages. But as soon as Sunday popped up too and became the mainstream, that meant that the Jews were one day back, and so could catch up when Christians couldn’t (on Sunday). This wouldn’t be as much of a big deal before computers and other instantaneous communication, but it must have made some kind of effect.

The Jews also have the sundown to sundown deal going, which also seems like a good idea, because no one day is completely taken up by religion, but parts of two.

So yeah, Jews=awesome. Also, sabbath sounds so cool, compared to Sunday, at least.


A Note on Graphs

16 June, 2009

This is a bit of a cop-out of a post. but I’m looking for suggestions. I’d really like to get more graphs into this blog, not just the lists that have been previously populating its posts. Not to say that lists are lame, but a good mix is always to be desired. But, to avoid this turning into a) the lameness that is GraphJam, or b) just a cheap knockoff of indexed (I link when i like, not when I don’t), I ideally want to do graphs with specific data, not just generalizations. For example, my most played songs. I could do something like when I play music, during the day, or during the week, things like that, but that’s pretty much where my creativity ends on this front. Things that don’t come from iTunes would also be nice. So, what I’m looking for is advice. There are a bunch of things in life that I could graph (how often I watch movies, or TV, or something), but a lot of that needs preparation time. I don’t want to just pull something out of nowhere and pretend it’s accurate data. And I want to cater to you.

If you think of anything that it might be interesting to graph (in your own life, in life in general, in mine…) let me know, and I’ll take it on for you. I can’t guarantee it’ll turn out to be earth shattering, but it’ll at least be a start. Thanks!


List #2: Things in My Bag

19 May, 2009

That sounds dirty. Anyway, a while ago, I got a pretty sweet shoulder bag for school. It was advertised, at least by TV Guide, who was not selling it, as being Jack Bauer’s bag from 24. This is probably not the case, as I’ve seen a bunch of similar (but still different) bags being advertised as such by various publications. Nevertheless, I used it to go to and from class. And then I realised something. I often get migraines, and I have medicine that I take at the onset of each one, but that does me no use if it’s not near by. So, I decided I should probably carry it around with me. Which meant that I carried it in my bag, and took my bag essentially everywhere. It became a murse, but for medical reasons. And then it got extended. If I’m carrying it everywhere anyway, and already have one thing in it, why not put more useful stuff in it. So I did. Now, the thing is, what I am constantly prepared for is not the situations of day-to-day life, but rather the situations of being stranded in the wilderness, or on a desert island. Somehow, though, these things still come in handy. Keep in mind I still use this for school, as well.

My Bag

Olive Drab Original Danish Style Canvas School Bag (from Fatigues Army Navy & Surplus Gear Co.)

CONTENTS: (ABOVE BLACK LINE: ALWAYS CARRIED) Listed Roughly From Top to Bottom, Left to Right.
12″ Ruler [One came with the bag to provide support, it has since broken, twice. This is the second one I have bought.]
Zippo High Polish Chrome Windproof Lighter (Cross Engraving) [Ideal for fighting vampires.]
Oakley Magnesium Four S Sunglasses (Dark Carbide) [These are apparently really expensive. I found them.]
Ibuprofen {Never hurts to carry pain killers. Ha!]
Deck of Cards
Corkscrew/Bottle Opener
Digital Thermometer
Travel Toothbrush [Normally I carry around a small tube of toothpaste as well, however I am currently using it, so no longer.}
Victorinox “Equestrian” Swiss Army Knife
Chapstick [Apparently this is also sunblocking.]
Tiny Bottle of Cologne.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Hand Sanitizer
Aluminum Sulfate Nick Relief Tube [Stops small cuts from bleeding]
512 MB Cruzer USB Key
iPod to USB Cord
Alcohol Wipes [Stolen From Wagamama]
Maps and Schedules of Various Cities and Routes [Trains, buses, ferries, you name it.]
Various Pens [My favorites are a Sharpie, a calligraphy pen, and a Waterman Phileas Fogg fountain pen which is not pictured.]
Sanford Logo 4 Mechanical Pencil [The best mechanical pencil out there. Really.]
Eyeglass Repair Kit
No.2 Leads.
Bobby Pin Made into Crude Lock Pick
Bobby Pin
Sewing Kit
First Aid Kit [Containing another Sewing Kit, Band-aids of various shapes and sizes, antihistamines, and decongestants. And scissors and a tape measure.]
Imitrex [The migraine medicine that started it all]
Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues [I don’t believe the anti-viral-ness of them, but I got them for free.]
Ricola Cough Drops
“Refresh and Gladden My Spirit” Baha’i Prayer Booklet [The Baha’i are awesome.]
“Living Waters for Thirsty Souls” Mennonite Propaganda Flyer [There’s a story behind this, which I won’t go into.]

Sigg Aluminum Water Bottle [With good luck charm around it. Charm from Claire’s.]
Moleskine Notebook
2 GB iPod Nano
Cell Phone (Samsung SCH-900)
Memory Card Reader [Containing a spare card for my camera.]
Rechargeable AA Batteries [Also spare for my camera.]
Creative EP-630 In-Ear Headphones [In a case for Apple In-Ear Headphones, which I had previously but they broke.]

Canon PowerShot A590IS Digital Camera [This would go under the black line if I could take a picture of it instead of with it.]
Lock Picks [They have come in handy more times than I can count. But, I didn’t trust taking them through airplane security.]
Toothpaste [Already Mentioned]
Fountain Pen [Already Mentioned]

So I believe that’s it for typical things I carry around. And that’s why my shoulder always hurts. The end.


A New Direction For The Blog?

16 May, 2009

So, as I apparently find it rather difficult to ever actually write anything in this blog, I’m going to try to switch it over to something that will take less energy, and hopefully still be interesting to read. So, from now on, or at least until I decide to go back to normal (which will probably not be that long), I’m going to post lists and graphs and stuff from my life that I find cool, with ideally hilarious and/or insightful commentary. I guess I’ve already done this before, with my iTunes playcounts, or my meta-graphs about the stats of this blog, and so on.

I will still be posting reviews of things both real and imagined, ideally, on my co-authored blog (that has had no activity for about two months on it), Dream Reviews. And of course, more about me can be found at my travel blog (soon to become a more typical day-to-day blog when I return from my semester abroad in less than two weeks!), Minded Gaps.

Although the title of this blog will not change, at least for now, I’m going to need a new subtitle, to reflect the new topics… Suggestions?



27 April, 2009

I will start to write again soon, now that I am back from a long trip. But, in the meantime, here is a sort of entertaining game:

My Brute

Basically you make a little guy, and put him/her in Mortal Kombat type fights. But, you don’t have to control it! So no button mashing. Entertaining and a good time-waster.

Also, here are two videos of cats twitching at noises. Good stuff.




Another Great Email

19 March, 2009

Well, maybe it’s not actually the email that’s entertaining. But just look at the “targeted” ads on the side. I see one that has to do with Twitter. What about the others? Gmail is hopelessly confused about the subject matter of this email, it seems.

Oh Gmail, When Will You Learn...

Once again, click for (real) full-size.

(I don’t actually know the person who followed me on Twitter, but I think s/he still has the right to privacy, hence the censorship.I swear it doesn’t have anything to do with hemorrhoids or any other medical condition.)


Another Good Spam

17 March, 2009

I believe I was just rickrolled. By spam. This almost makes me want to buy whatever it is:

Bigger Rick Roll

That picture is really small. When they say insert full-size, apparently they’re lying. If you can’t read it, just click on it and you’ll get the (real) full-size version.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m pretty sure this is a reference to the weird internet meme that went around a while ago—and is still going, kinda—of Rickrolling (there’s a post of mine on it here). I thought you might enjoy.