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List #18: Famous People I Have Seen in LA

6 February, 2013

As some of you may know, I moved to LA in April of 2011. So, I’ve been here for a while now, and have seen lots of famous people! So that’s cool. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Olivia Wilde – The first one, but the best one. I actually saw her the previous January, when I was visiting. She was at the table next to me at a restaurant!
  • Matthew Morrison – That is, the teacher on Glee. He was pumping gas at a gas station I went to. I cared less about him.
  • Michaela Conlin – (Mostly known for being “Angela” on Bones) Saw her on the street when leaving a restaurant. She was helping a very drunk friend not fall over.
  • John Francis Daley – (Among other things, known for being “Dr. Sweets” on Bones) This one, I actually talked to. Primarily because I was drunk and someone told me to. So I did (“My friend told me to tell you that you’re awesome on Bones.“) He said thanks. Saw him at the bar my holiday work party was at!
  • Anne Hathaway – Saw her at a vegan restaurant when we were having brunch. As was she. My brother told me to tell her she hathaway with words. I did not.
  • Patricia Belcher? – (Plays “Caroline Julian” on Bones) I’m not sure I’ve actually seen her. I saw someone who looks a lot like her when my elevator briefly opened on the wrong floor when I was going to the doctor. I want to say it was her because then I’ve seen three Bones characters and that’s kind of weird.
  • Todd Lowe – (Terry from True Blood) So, he has a band, and that band was playing at Kelly’s work holiday party.
  • Valerie Bertinelli – (She’s famous for… stuff?) I met her, she was nice, and apparently she’s in things, or so people tell me.
  • Ashley Williams – (“Victoria” in How I Met Your Mother) Eating lunch at my restaurant. A lot of these involve food.
  • Simon Cowell – At the shopping center. He seemed nice, and friendly, and not like his judginess (people were asking him for autographs and photos and such)

I believe that’s it. Honorable mentions go to Leonard Nimoy, Tate Donovan, Corey Stoll, Jason Alexander, anyone who was on Switched at Birth, and probably a few others, because I did see them in person but it was at various events or jobs so that hardly counts. Also a bunch of chefs who came out to see their patrons. As a parting though, Leonard Nimoy is awesome. And, basically, celebrities are like Pokémon.


List #12: A New Set of Awesome Albums

8 November, 2009

Hey there, long time no write! Most of these have been around for a while (if not all of them, the list isn’t quite set in stone right now) but I just discovered them, and so, yeah.

Dark at the End of the Tunnel — Oingo Boingo

[This album is just super classic eighties. And also Danny Elfman, so how can you go wrong. Oingo Boingo came up recently when Danny Elfman was being discussed, and I listened to the one album I had and loved it, so acquired the rest of their stuff. It’s really good! Except for their live album, which has too much guitar.]

Tapestry — Carole King

[Well, I knew I was bound to love this when I heard it, given that it’s one of the top-selling albums ever, and everyone else loves it. Now I know why. I actually just randomly came across this when someone returned it at the library where I work.]

More Adventurous — Rilo Kiley

[I have had Under the Blacklight for a while, and liked a few songs on it (especially “15” and “Breaking Up”) so I figured I should check out the rest of the band’s stuff. More Adventurous does not have a bad track, in my opinion. In researching what album to check out, I discovered that Rilo Kiley is the band, not a person. Who knew? Not me.]

Who Do You Think You Are — Dala

[I discovered Dala at the Newport Folk Festival, as I am sure I have written about. Oddly, I realized that, though their most recent album (Everyone is Someone) has some better songs, the better album is their earlier one. Weird.]

And, last but not least, but it doesn’t quite count as an album:

Live in London — Leonard Cohen

[This shouldn’t count because it’s live, but it’s still really good. Great back-up people really make it work.]


List #10: Adjectives I Enjoy

14 July, 2009

Not that I use these very often, but I just like saying them. I put definitions in, just in case.

  • igniparous – producing fire [found this at Save The Words]
  • incongruent – [the official definition is apparently “not congruent.” Lame.]
  • palpable – capable of being perceived
  • interminable – endless
  • onomatopoeic – [stupid one again. “Of or related to onomatopoeia.”]
  • caustic – harsh or corrosive
  • salvageable – capable of being saved from ruin [Why isn’t this officially “able to be salvaged?”]
  • peripatetic – walking about
  • mingent – discharging urine [also Save The Words. Does this mean “to minge” is a verb?]
  • eschatological – relating to the ultimate destiny of the world

That is all.


Lists #7, #8, and #9: Size Doesn’t Matter

7 July, 2009

These are a few things that have been on my mind recently, yet didn’t have enough entries to really be lists on their own. So, without further ado, three short but interesting lists:

Things That Remind Me of Summer (and make me wish for it at any time of year, even though winter is my favorite season)

  • Ray Bradbury (particularly Dandelion Wine, although a lot of his other stuff too)
  • Bob Seger (not sure why this one, but it’s always been true)
  • The Midwest (whenever I picture an ideal summer, it’s always in the Midwest. Which may have something to do with the other two entries. It’s also odd, because I’ve been in the Midwest in summer. Way too hot for me. But not in my mind…)

Movies That I Hate That Everyone Else Likes (and thinks I should like)

  • Fight Club (it’s fine, but not the best thing ever)
  • The Usual Suspects (it cheats. I won’t explain, in case you haven’t seen it, but if you have you probably know what I mean.)
  • Harold and Maude (HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE)
  • Donnie Darko (ditto)

Pulp Fiction, however, which I feel belongs in the same grouping as most of those, I really enjoyed.


Things I Don’t Understand (however hard I try)

  • How cranes are put up. (think about it)
  • Why cigarettes aren’t prohibitively expensive.
  • Computers.

That’s all folks!


List #6: Ten Tracks I’ve Been Obsessed With at Some Point In My Life

14 June, 2009

There are obviously more than ten of these. But these are a selection that stand out for various reasons, such as the duration of the time in which I was so obsessed, or the recent nature of the obsession, or… The list (ha) goes on. These are all songs that I’ve just loved listening to, often on repeat, over and over again, over a certain period of time. They are not, it must be noted, the most played songs in my library, nor are they (probably) my favorite songs. This will probably be my last music-related list for a while; I’ll probably go on to more mundane things that often seem to be more interesting, such as a list of bets my brother has lost, or books people have borrowed from me, or things I have been lent and never gave back. As always, suggestions are welcome. And without further ado (I saw Much Ado About Nothing today), the list.

  • Bruises – Chairlift: As already mentioned, this is off the CD Does You Inspire You. A very nice peppy number, its only flaw to me is that I don’t really like when the second voice comes in (which is actually rare for me; I usually love duets). Nevertheless, it’s great musically, the beat is just fun, and the… synthesizer? Fake theremin? Instrument solo at the end is a great sound to end it on. And yeah, I guess it was in a commercial or something. Didn’t see it.
  • Chances Are – Bob Seger and Martina McBride: And here we go with me liking duets. This is sort of typical 90s melodramatic semi-country, which is great. Apparently from some movie Hope Floats, which I have never seen. Anyway, I like it a lot. I also love Bob Seger in general, so that helps. I basically got a bunch of his music, and this stood out because it was a duet.
  • Inama Nushif (Montage) – Brian Tyler: This is the reason the title of this list is “Tracks” and not “Songs.” The Children of Dune miniseries from the Scifi Channel is not good. Don’t see it. Its music isn’t that great either. But this track stands out. It’s fairly midde eastern with the calssic uplifting chord progression found in a lot of movies, especially over emotional montages. Like someone being buried alive. And breaking a tank of gas with an alien in it. You know, that kind of stuff. Anyway, this was really my first experience with the eastern-flavored trend in soundtracks which has become very common nowadays. It helps that all of Dune pretty much is Arabic culture and language, loosely altered. And aliens.
  • In the Sun – Joseph Arthur: This is another emotional montage song, although clearly it is actually a song rather than a section of a soundtrack. I actually first heard it in the alternate ending to The Bourne Identity, which I greatly prefer to the original, primarily because of this song. I hadn’t heard much of Joseph Arthur at the time, and still haven’t really, but this really stood out and I just loved the sort of unexpected way I found it.
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings – Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan: Clearly not a montage song. I heard this on the radio of all places, which is only very rarely the way I discover music nowadays. (I can no longer deal with ad breaks and not liking songs, I overly surf and I only listen when I have no iPod, and I’m usually pretty unsatisfied.) As I have mentioned (many times) before, I love two melodies converging, and this is just that. I also love the Barenaked Ladies, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is my favorite Christmas carol. So, this is pretty much perfect. I also still have marathon listening sessions of this song, even when it’s not Christmastime. Weird, I know.
  • L’aveu – Garou: This could be an emotional montage song, but isn’t, at least not that I know of. Garou is a French-Canadian singer who is very similar to the likes of Joe Cocker and Bob Seger. His subject matter is entirely different, but the voice is similar, especially to Cocker. The songs drip with melodrama and emotion, and for a long time I had a sneaking sense that, if they were in English, I would hate them, but the French carries them through with just the right amount of cool so I love them. I first heard them in French class, and was hooked ever since. I recently had the opportunity to test my theory, because Garou has released an English album. I was right. It sucked.
  • For the Widows in Paradise; For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens: Emotional montage! The last one in this list, I think. This one I first heard on the OC, played over a funeral or somesuch. It’s very calming and peaceful, if very melancholy. Probably my favorite song that Stevens has done, although I have an immense respect for his idea to do one album for every state. I don’t think it’ll ever get done, but I admire the man. This one is from his Michigan album, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong).
  • All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers: Okay, well here’s another I heard first on the OC. Or at least I heard the Killers first on the show. I can’t remember if they played this song. Anyway, in the same vein as Meatloaf, this song is many in one, starting as a slow solo and ending with a gospel chorus number. I love it.
  • Graceland – Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas: This is, as far as I can tell, not officially released. I ripped this from the PBS broadcast of Paul Simon’s Gershwin Award Ceremony. I love the song in the first place (second only to “African Skies” of Simon songs in my book), and I love the performers, so how could you go wrong. The bending of the dobro goes just perfect with the feel of this song, and it adds so much. If anyone knows whether there is an album of this concert/ceremony officially, let me know and I’ll buy it in a second.
  • Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen: Last but not least. This song was one that I tried to connect with a specific time in my life, a specific relationship. It failed, as did the relationship, but I still love the song. I think I first heard it on the car ride back from meeting a girl, and the rest was (not) history.

So, there are ten. As I said, there are many more, some more temporally tied, others just because I loved the songs. For example, a song that satisfies both categories just came up on my iTunes (“This Year” by the Mountain Goats). Listening to my top 500 played I’m sure I’d come up with nine or ten more in an hour. Given that I listen to music pretty much constantly, it’s not hard to find them. What are some that you’ve loved at a particular time, whether you’ve discarded them later, or still love them just as much?


List #5: The Last Ten Albums I’ve Gotten

6 June, 2009

Apparently I’m on a music kick right now. What follows is a list of the last ten albums I’ve gotten through some means. Some I have not paid money for, but for a few that is legal, and others less so. There’s more music that I’ve gotten recently, but I’m not counting anything that is not a full album, and also no samplers. (Very) short reviews of each album follow.

  • Kyle Gabler – “World of Goo Soundtrack” [This is the soundtrack to a pretty fun game I’ve downloaded the demo of, very atmospheric and entertaining music, available for free on his website. Not as good as some of the others in this list, but then again it’s not a professional quality, money-making album.]
  • The String Quartet – “Tribute to the Killers” [Hot Fuss played on violins and cellos. Need I say more? This is awesome, and I will buy it as soon as I have disposable income. Let’s just say I’m previewing it at the moment.]
  • Chairlift – “Does You Inspire You” [The single from this album, “Bruises,” was apparently popularized through an iPod commercial. I found out about it in this video about squirrels. The single is great (and will be featured in an upcoming list of “Songs I’ve Been Addicted to at Various Times in My Life,” the rest of the album is pretty good too, but in retrospect I probably should have just bought the single.]
  • Neko Case – “Middle Cyclone” [I only recently discovered Neko Case, and, as such, felt required to buy her newest album when it came out. It’s really cool; love songs written by tornados, tigers, and so on. Pretty sweet. Favorite track: “People Got A Lotta Nerve.” Second favorite? The half hour of crickets at the end. Really. Very relaxing.]
  • She & Him – “Volume One” [This is one of the very few bands that I’m fairly proud of finding out about before most people have. It’s a collaboration between M. Ward (whose solo stuff I actually don’t like much) and Zooey Deschanel. A mix of newish sounding stuff and their covers of sixties doowop, it’s a very odd but very nice sound. Favorite track: “Sweet Darlin’,” which I have no idea whether it is a cover or not.]
  • Barenaked Ladies – “Live at Universal Studios” [A nice set recorded as their first gig without former frontman Steven Page. Still pretty good, but it’s a little lacking. I really like the track “For You,” which again I don’t know if it is a cover, a new song, or what. They offered this briefly for free to the subscribers of their mailing list, which was nice.]
  • The Weepies – “Hideaway” [I love this band, and have successfully shown them to a few of my friends, who are spreading the word. A married couple of songwriters, they do great songs, trading off in a sound that for some reason I can only describe as “small.” But that’s a good thing. “Antarctica” is a wonderful track to check out. I got another album at the same time, but I like this one better and I figure one per artist is good.]
  • The Decemberists – “The Hazards of Love” [Another album I’m “previewing,” I don’t find this as compelling as their earlier stuff. It’s not the ballad-y folk-opera-ness of it, since I loved “The Crane Wife,” but I think this is just less interesting than it could be. I was also disappointed that the song “Annan Waters” was not actually a straight version of the Irish ballad I love and have many versions of, but rather an interpretation of it. Ah well. It’s still probably my favorite track, but since I find this album fairly mediocre it’s kind of hard to pick. Yet I’ll still see them in concert next week.]
  • Girl Talk – “Feed the Animals” [If you haven’t heard Girl Talk before, check him (yes, him) out. He remixes lots of pop songs together to make completely new things. This really features one of my favorite things in music, when melodies combine unexpectedly. First track I heard was “In Step,” which is pretty great.]
  • Death Cab For Cutie – “Narrow Stairs” [Another album I was looking forward to so downloaded, and another one that I wasn’t really impressed with. I don’t even have a favorite track. But I have a suspicion my copy doesn’t have all the tracks, so I’ll have to check out the real thing and see how I feel.]

Sorry to end the list on sort of a lame note, but that’s pretty much the order they came in, from most recent to least. I hope this turns you on to some new music, or justifies some opinion you’ve already had of a band. As a final request, can someone PLEASE tell me what the official way to list albums is? Is it italics, or quotes, or…


Outsourced List #1: Pick One

26 May, 2009

I figure that, in addition to making my own lists (and yes, I know that I said graphs too, I’m working on that. One day.) I should also highlight other lists that other people have made. Like the following:

Pick One

Now, at first glance, this doesn’t seem like a list. It presents you with two alternatives, and you pick the one you like better. This can be as easy as “Fascism” vs. “Dogs” or as difficult as “Freedom” vs. “Justice.” As far as I can tell, they’re randomly selected out of a list of unknown proportions.

This is fun in and of itself. But also, in the top right, there’s a link to the Bottom 10 and the Top 10. A few interesting things about these lists (which I assume are dynamic and so might not be the same when you look at them):

  • Cats are in the Top 10. Dogs are not.
  • Lil’ Wayne is ranked almost as bad as War, Hell, and Fascism
  • Islam is in the Bottom 10, weirdly.
  • Dreams are ranked above Health, Love above Sex, and AIDS and Cancer below Hell.
  • Sleep, although being one of the words, is not in the top ten, although Dreams are.
  • The Internet is somehow in the top ten.

I’d like to see the complete word list for this. There seem to be a bunch of words (granted, I only tried it about 10 times, and there was some overlap, but not much, with the top and bottom 10, so I’ve only seen about 30, probably), but I think not enough to get a really nice ranking of how people think about things. The placement of Islam is particularly suspect, I think you would need a very few words in order to get that ranked as a bad thing, as in my opinion there are many many many things worse than Islam. But whatever.

Finally, choose-one-or-the-other sites are relatively common, so this is not the only one. I would make a list, but I only know a few, so instead here is my favorite one:

Kitten War!

These are often very difficult decisions. But if you see Bug, vote for her. She’s awesome.