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List #18: Famous People I Have Seen in LA

6 February, 2013

As some of you may know, I moved to LA in April of 2011. So, I’ve been here for a while now, and have seen lots of famous people! So that’s cool. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Olivia Wilde – The first one, but the best one. I actually saw her the previous January, when I was visiting. She was at the table next to me at a restaurant!
  • Matthew Morrison – That is, the teacher on Glee. He was pumping gas at a gas station I went to. I cared less about him.
  • Michaela Conlin – (Mostly known for being “Angela” on Bones) Saw her on the street when leaving a restaurant. She was helping a very drunk friend not fall over.
  • John Francis Daley – (Among other things, known for being “Dr. Sweets” on Bones) This one, I actually talked to. Primarily because I was drunk and someone told me to. So I did (“My friend told me to tell you that you’re awesome on Bones.“) He said thanks. Saw him at the bar my holiday work party was at!
  • Anne Hathaway – Saw her at a vegan restaurant when we were having brunch. As was she. My brother told me to tell her she hathaway with words. I did not.
  • Patricia Belcher? – (Plays “Caroline Julian” on Bones) I’m not sure I’ve actually seen her. I saw someone who looks a lot like her when my elevator briefly opened on the wrong floor when I was going to the doctor. I want to say it was her because then I’ve seen three Bones characters and that’s kind of weird.
  • Todd Lowe – (Terry from True Blood) So, he has a band, and that band was playing at Kelly’s work holiday party.
  • Valerie Bertinelli – (She’s famous for… stuff?) I met her, she was nice, and apparently she’s in things, or so people tell me.
  • Ashley Williams – (“Victoria” in How I Met Your Mother) Eating lunch at my restaurant. A lot of these involve food.
  • Simon Cowell – At the shopping center. He seemed nice, and friendly, and not like his judginess (people were asking him for autographs and photos and such)

I believe that’s it. Honorable mentions go to Leonard Nimoy, Tate Donovan, Corey Stoll, Jason Alexander, anyone who was on Switched at Birth, and probably a few others, because I did see them in person but it was at various events or jobs so that hardly counts. Also a bunch of chefs who came out to see their patrons. As a parting though, Leonard Nimoy is awesome. And, basically, celebrities are like Pokémon.