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Monday (Wednesday) Roundup 14!

4 February, 2009

It’s been a long time since one of these… And, it’s not really a real one, just one to sort of get me back into the swing of things. Apparently the last one I did, way back on April 7th, 2008, wasn’t a real one either. I said that my bookmarks were confusing, and that the next time I would be prepared with a double bunch. Well, I have no idea where those old links went. Maybe I’ll find them one day. Nevertheless, here are six fun ones.

[Humor] Furniture Ad Win: Failblog almost never fails to amuse me. This certainly did. Though, not a fail—for the ad anyway, just for the moral reputation of public officials. If you can guess what this is about before opening the link, I will be impressed.

[Humor] Great News Blooper: Oh man this is great. I laugh out loud every time I see it. Which, I must confess, is more often than is healthy, probably. Sent to me by my brother, and later by the aforementioned Failblog.

[Current] Flag mistake at UK-China ceremony: Although this is awkward for the Brits, it’s not really that that made me link to it. Rather, halfway through the article they explain the significance of the fat bars and thin bars of the flag. Apparently it was originally to alert friendly forces that something bad was happening (the enemy wouldn’t notice). To find out how, read the article! I used to have a thing like that, I was going to switch my watch to the right wrist if ever I was kidnapped or forced to do something or whatever. Then my watch broke.

[Geeky] There’s been a paid service like this for a while, but finally there’s a free one! This site makes a font of your handwriting. Basically, you print out a pdf, fill it out, scan it in, and voilĂ ! When I find out where there is a scanner near me, I’m definitely doing this.

[Humor] The Onion on the Mid-East Conflict: The views are funny too, but it’s mainly just the titles of the two opposing opinions that is worthwhile.

[Humor] Fuck You, Penguin: This is a little unusual as I’m not pointing to an individual article or movie or anything, but rather a whole blog. This blog is hilarious, and has made my day many a time. It might just be my sense of humor, but at least try it out. You’ll get the jist after one article. And yet it just keeps going.

So, soon hopefully I’ll have more links, and my age old tradition will be reborn. Until next week!