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27 April, 2009

I will start to write again soon, now that I am back from a long trip. But, in the meantime, here is a sort of entertaining game:

My Brute

Basically you make a little guy, and put him/her in Mortal Kombat type fights. But, you don’t have to control it! So no button mashing. Entertaining and a good time-waster.

Also, here are two videos of cats twitching at noises. Good stuff.




Monday Roundup 2!

26 November, 2007

It’s that time of week again, folks. Time to bring together the good, the bad, and the ugly from the past week, with no clear organizing principle. Some of these are holiday related, others are just, well, themselves. Read on, and enjoy! (I’m giving up on rating, by the way.)

[Random] 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets: This is just a list of various fun things that have been sold recently, with no real value, but claiming to have almost supernatural powers of recovery, healing, etc., etc.

[Entertainment] Purple Violets: The first full-length movie to have its debut on the iTunes Music Store. Actually looks pretty cool on its own; I would want to see it if it didn’t have such a high price tag. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right?

[Geeky] “Don’t Give Up on Vista” Web Ad: Funny.

[Humor] Talking Kitties: Weird, but funny.

[Science] Man-sized sea scorpion claw found: Ah, aren’t we glad that things this big don’t exist anymore‚Ķ

[Science] Scientists coax skin cells to mimic stem cells: This is awesome. From a scientific perspective, an ethical one, and a political one as well. Hopefully the Bush administration (although on its way out) and other conservative governments will be able to allow research done on these stem cells. There are no worries about destroying an embryo, or anything like that, and with some more research and testing, they are basically equivalently useful. With luck.

[Random] Tesla Coil Tetris: This has nothing to do with Tetris. Rather, it’s from the Nutcracker, and pretty cool. I don’t understand the title, either.

[Geeky] Wired Puts Your Thanksgiving Feast Under a Microscope: This is exactly what it sounds like.

[Science] Mankind “shortening the universe’s life”: I preface this link with the fact that I do not understand this at all. If you do, please comment and explain. Nevertheless, it’s pretty creepy.

[Geeky] Piano PC mod strikes an unusual key: This is just entertaining.

That’s it for this week! If you enjoyed them, let me know, and I can try to find more of the same in later weeks. As usual, this will be archived on the “Roundup Roundup!” page.