List #10: Adjectives I Enjoy

14 July, 2009

Not that I use these very often, but I just like saying them. I put definitions in, just in case.

  • igniparous – producing fire [found this at Save The Words]
  • incongruent – [the official definition is apparently “not congruent.” Lame.]
  • palpable – capable of being perceived
  • interminable – endless
  • onomatopoeic – [stupid one again. “Of or related to onomatopoeia.”]
  • caustic – harsh or corrosive
  • salvageable – capable of being saved from ruin [Why isn’t this officially “able to be salvaged?”]
  • peripatetic – walking about
  • mingent – discharging urine [also Save The Words. Does this mean “to minge” is a verb?]
  • eschatological – relating to the ultimate destiny of the world

That is all.


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