A Note on Graphs

16 June, 2009

This is a bit of a cop-out of a post. but I’m looking for suggestions. I’d really like to get more graphs into this blog, not just the lists that have been previously populating its posts. Not to say that lists are lame, but a good mix is always to be desired. But, to avoid this turning into a) the lameness that is GraphJam, or b) just a cheap knockoff of indexed (I link when i like, not when I don’t), I ideally want to do graphs with specific data, not just generalizations. For example, my most played songs. I could do something like when I play music, during the day, or during the week, things like that, but that’s pretty much where my creativity ends on this front. Things that don’t come from iTunes would also be nice. So, what I’m looking for is advice. There are a bunch of things in life that I could graph (how often I watch movies, or TV, or something), but a lot of that needs preparation time. I don’t want to just pull something out of nowhere and pretend it’s accurate data. And I want to cater to you.

If you think of anything that it might be interesting to graph (in your own life, in life in general, in mine…) let me know, and I’ll take it on for you. I can’t guarantee it’ll turn out to be earth shattering, but it’ll at least be a start. Thanks!


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