Outsourced List #1: Pick One

26 May, 2009

I figure that, in addition to making my own lists (and yes, I know that I said graphs too, I’m working on that. One day.) I should also highlight other lists that other people have made. Like the following:

Pick One

Now, at first glance, this doesn’t seem like a list. It presents you with two alternatives, and you pick the one you like better. This can be as easy as “Fascism” vs. “Dogs” or as difficult as “Freedom” vs. “Justice.” As far as I can tell, they’re randomly selected out of a list of unknown proportions.

This is fun in and of itself. But also, in the top right, there’s a link to the Bottom 10 and the Top 10. A few interesting things about these lists (which I assume are dynamic and so might not be the same when you look at them):

  • Cats are in the Top 10. Dogs are not.
  • Lil’ Wayne is ranked almost as bad as War, Hell, and Fascism
  • Islam is in the Bottom 10, weirdly.
  • Dreams are ranked above Health, Love above Sex, and AIDS and Cancer below Hell.
  • Sleep, although being one of the words, is not in the top ten, although Dreams are.
  • The Internet is somehow in the top ten.

I’d like to see the complete word list for this. There seem to be a bunch of words (granted, I only tried it about 10 times, and there was some overlap, but not much, with the top and bottom 10, so I’ve only seen about 30, probably), but I think not enough to get a really nice ranking of how people think about things. The placement of Islam is particularly suspect, I think you would need a very few words in order to get that ranked as a bad thing, as in my opinion there are many many many things worse than Islam. But whatever.

Finally, choose-one-or-the-other sites are relatively common, so this is not the only one. I would make a list, but I only know a few, so instead here is my favorite one:

Kitten War!

These are often very difficult decisions. But if you see Bug, vote for her. She’s awesome.


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