Far Too Much of My Life, Quantified

16 May, 2009

What follows is a list of all the television shows that I have either seen from beginning to end, every episode that has been broadcast so far, or from the beginning up to a certain point in the series, but every episode in between. There is one exception, but since it’s two episodes off from beginning to end, I figure it counts.

  • 24 [Almost] All That Exist: 164 Episodes out of 7 Seasons, 166 Episodes (Current Season Unfinished). [This is the one I haven’t seen all of, two episodes of Season 1 remain.]
  • Twin Peaks – Full Series: 2 Seasons, 30 Episodes [Not Including Fire Walk With Me.]
  • Battlestar Galactica [New Series] – Full Series: 4 Seasons, 73 Episodes [Not Including Miniseries, Razor, or Webisodes.]
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – All Episodes up to Episode 4 of Season 6: 104 Episodes out of 7 Seasons, 144 Episodes.
  • Firefly – Full Series: 1 Season, 14 Episodes.
  • Life on Mars [UK] – Full Series: 2 Seasons, 16 Episodes. [Not to be confused with the American remake, which is actually pretty good, but I haven’t really seen much of it.]
  • Lost – All That Exist: 5 Seasons, 103 Episodes.
  • Coupling – All Episodes up to Episode 3 of Season 2: 9 Episodes out of 4 Seasons, 28 Episodes. [Only half an hour long.]
  • Doctor Who [New Series] – All That Exist: 4 Seasons, 56 Episodes. [Technically this shouldn’t count, since it’s just a continuation of the old series, which I have seen a lot of, but nowhere near all…]

That’s all I’m sure of. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen at least two-thirds of Arrested Development consecutively, but I don’t know when I stopped, so I’m not counting it. And things like the OC, which I haven’t seen the first part of the first season of, but everything else, are also not on the list. Things like House, Bones, Numbers, which I’ve seen massive amounts of, but not consecutively are not marked down.And some other shows I’m too embarassed to put down. So it’s not perfect. But what can we learn from this? Well, for one thing, you can tell what kind of stuff I like watching. Sci-fi, stuff with a slightly creepy air that’s otherwise normal, and, umm… well I don’t really know where 24 and Coupling come from. You can also see how much of  at least my life, and probably yours too is spent watching television. Just the shows counted is roughly, including the ads (because it’s easier to calculate, although most of these I watched on DVD or streaming online),  564.5 hours, or 23 and a half days. Add to that all the hours I’ve spent watching shows or episodes that I’ve forgotten or not included for other reasons, and you get at least a full month. Which is pretty impressive. And not necessarily in a good way. I’m sure I could have used that time better. But really, I have no regrets (except for some episodes being pretty bad. Maybe those could go.)

And if you add in the time watching movies then… well, that’s not for today.


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