A New Direction For The Blog?

16 May, 2009

So, as I apparently find it rather difficult to ever actually write anything in this blog, I’m going to try to switch it over to something that will take less energy, and hopefully still be interesting to read. So, from now on, or at least until I decide to go back to normal (which will probably not be that long), I’m going to post lists and graphs and stuff from my life that I find cool, with ideally hilarious and/or insightful commentary. I guess I’ve already done this before, with my iTunes playcounts, or my meta-graphs about the stats of this blog, and so on.

I will still be posting reviews of things both real and imagined, ideally, on my co-authored blog (that has had no activity for about two months on it), Dream Reviews. And of course, more about me can be found at my travel blog (soon to become a more typical day-to-day blog when I return from my semester abroad in less than two weeks!), Minded Gaps.

Although the title of this blog will not change, at least for now, I’m going to need a new subtitle, to reflect the new topics… Suggestions?


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