Monday Roundup 16!

16 February, 2009

Erm, normally there should be other posts in between the Roundups, but that’s okay… It’ll come eventually. I don’t have that many today, but what I have are pretty good. I hope.

[Current] The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act: Man, this would be awesome. Although would there still be a trade embargo? Because it would be awkward to be able to go but not be able to bring anything back…

[Random] George Takei Presents an Important Message About How to Pronounce “George Takei”: As with many of my links, exactly what it sounds like.

[Entertainment] Peterskirche Gigapixel Panaroma: This may be the coolest thing ever. You can just keep zooming in, and zooming in, and zooming in…

[Entertainment] Jane Austen and the undead, together again: I really need to read this. It’s weird that the publisher of the really entertaining worst-case scenario books are also obsessed with zombies. I guess my tastes play right into their hands…

[Humor] Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith: So, Microsoft Songsmith is this program that creates backing tracks for whatever you sing into it, in various styles. So, what do we do with this? Put old songs into it, of course! This one I’ve linked to is pretty entertaining, the others in the playlist are cool too. There’s also this version of Toxic by someone else, which is awesome but falls apart once the tempo changes at the chorus (and it doesn’t quite fit otherwise, but still worth listening to).

And, that’s all I got


One comment

  1. One of the researchers who worked on songsmith went to Techhouse (he was the father in the cheesy songsmith ad if you saw that.) He actually demoed it for us about a year and a half ago at an alumni reunion. Fact.

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