Monday (Tuesday) Roundup 15!

10 February, 2009

Well, I’m one day closer to the day I should have posted than I was last week. Maybe next week it’ll actually be on Monday! That would be excited. So, I’ve got a bunch today, many of which were actually going to be in the roundup way back in March 2008, and I found the links I had saved, so I’ve brought them up to date!

[Random] Australia holds ‘pigeon smuggler’: I am impressed. So were the pigeons. Oh snap! Get it? Because the pigeons were sort of Smushed? Pressed? Impressed? Anyone? No one? I’ll go sit in a corner then…

[Entertainment] I LEGO N.Y.: Various scenes and parts of New York City made out of legos! Very abstract, very cool. Except for the fact that NYC is lame.

[Geeky] Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles: I mean, it’s really just what it sounds like.

[Random] Best Rube Goldberg Ever: For those of you who don’t know, Rube Goldberg was this awesome cartoonist who, among other things, made these cartoons of really complicated machines that he invented to do simple things, like ring a doorbell, tie a show, things like that. They usually involved balloons popping, balls rolling, boots kicking, etc. Anyway, I used to be obsessed with these. Here’s a cool one in real life. I dunno if it’s the best, but…

[Random] Rural biblical plague disturbs Snakes On A Plane: Now, I have no idea where this article came from. It was in my folder of links for the March roundup, but it’s from 2006, so I don’t really know. It’s also one of the least well written things I have ever seen in my life. It makes essentially no sense. But, it’s entertaining.

[Random] 2 chickens break up rabbit fight!: Again, exactly what it sounds like.

[Tech] Boston Dynamics Big Dog: This robot walks really well. And you can kick it! And if you’re not paying attention, it looks like two guys in a robot dog suit. but it isn’t.

[Entertainment] Apple Mac Music Video: This is really cool. And must have taken forever…

[Current] 81% in Poll Say Nation is Headed on Wrong Track: This was more relevant a year ago, when it came out. Still, it’s cool to see how things change…

[Entertainment] Nunavut (Kronos Quartet and Tanya Tagaq: This individual video is not that interesting, it’s just sort of how they came up with the music. But Tanya Tagaq is awesome; she’s an Inuit throat singer. Go here for a full concert recording (I’m listening to it now…) as well as a bunch of other cool bands (I like Watcha Clan and Chicha Libre a lot too).

[Current] Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit: This could easily be used for (hilarious) prank calls.

[Random] Wordle: Hopefully most of you know about this by now, but this is a pretty cool site where you can just put in an RSS feed, or copy and paste text, and it’ll make a cool picture out of the word frequency. More used words are larger. As an example, here’s one of my junior year paper i made last fall.

[Current] The Obameter: Tracks whether or not Obama has kept his promises, because somehow it kept track of every single one he made…

[Humor] David After Dentist: See, this is why I wanted laughing gas not just an injection when I got my wisdom teeth out.

[Humor] The Soup: It’s Me Or The Dog: Creepy.

[Current] Save the Words: A site that hopes to save words that are dying out of conversation. I hope this blog will be an igniparous agent to the fire of your helpfulness. Er, that was awkward. But I said I would use that word!

[Geeky] Muji Chronotebook: I’m always looking for better ways to keep organised. This seems like a good one.

[Current] Pic Shows Man Robbing Stores With Klingon Sword: Trekkies turned criminals? Who knew…


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