Hello Again!

16 January, 2009

Well, it’s been a while. And so, as a brief reintroduction to writing this blog, rather than having some insightful commentary on something, I will ask a question. I’m in London now, and there’s a lot of construction going on all over. And, therefore there is a lot of construction equipment around. Including cranes. And looking at these huge towering things, I started to wonder. How do they get up so high? The base of these cranes is on huge scaffolding, that’s only under the cranes. They can’t be there in one piece, that would be too difficult to transport. But, then, how does it work?

A related question is drill bits, on oil rigs and such, but that one i understand a bit more, because it’s easier for me to conceptualise dropping in one pipe after another, but stacking a chunk of scaffolding on another with a crane already on top of it? How does this work?

Let me know if you do.

Also, if you want to follow my day to day explorations of  London, you can see that here!



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