24 April, 2008

Well, this is going to be a little bit of a reveal into the inner workings of the blog. Sort of. One of the wonderful things that WordPress does is show you how many people are visiting your site, from where, and what they’re looking at. Imagine my surprise when I discover that I seem to be one of the only sources on a livejournal phenomenon called salmoning. In the past day i was discovered as this, and my readership has soared—of that one particular article…

I happen to glance at my stats at 2:38 this morning and am amazed to see:

The beginning

But it gets better!

2:32 PM:

6:33 PM:

And finally, just now, at 11:43:

Still going strong, even after almost 24 hours. This is mainly from two livejournal communities. The first day’s worth of hits is from the community for victims of salmoning, that I linked to in the earlier article, and the second is from community where people ask questions. Someone asked “Who has been salmoned?” with a link to me. I guess I’m now the go-to blog when it comes to telling people what salmoning is. Pretty cool. I’m proud of myself.

Anyway, back to my insanely busy schedule (I’m in a play and finishing up the semester, which is why I have hardly updated at all recently). When I have to study for finals, I’ll certainly write more…


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