15 April, 2008

I just added a new link to my blogroll over to the right there; it’s a blog called Gossip Geek, which is a fun semi-tongue-in-cheek look at people at Harvard. Really entertaining, both from a gossipy standpoint, as well as a more meta view.

I’ll post more as time allows, by the way; I’ve been really busy lately with a lot of rehearsals. I’m in a musical called Jekyll and Hyde, which has been made most famous by the questionable casting in the Broadway cast. Who, you might ask? Well, David Hasselhoff. As Jekyll and Hyde. Here’s a video. Hilarious.

Now, in this show, the music is really good. That is, the melodies. The lyrics, however, are miserable. There’s a song all about façades and hiding behind them, for example, which includes the line “the houses ’round here are all flashy and swank and the front bit is what’s called a façade.” I did not come to a theatre for an architecture lesson… Also the line “it’s like when hope dies.” It’s no “Cry Me A River.”


One comment

  1. So what’s with the subtitles in Portuguese (I assume)?

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