Happiness is a Warm Gmail

5 April, 2008

Am I strange because I like collecting gmail addresses? Not my own, but other people’s. Generally when you don’t really know someone here at school, and you need to email them, you use their school email address. But since basically everyone forwards their school mail to some sort of gmail account, they usually look at it online. Now I, like (I assume) most people, have my gmail set to send replies from whatever address the original was sent from, but the default is my gmail. So, that means in order for someone to get my gmail address, I have to send them an off the cuff, non-list, personal(ish) email so that I just create it and it comes from gmail.

I assume that everyone else uses the same process, so when I get someone’s gmail instead of their fas account, I feel proud and accomplished. This is probably just the wear and tear of going to college, though.

In other news, WordPress has changed its posting page. It seems to be working better than the old one, which screwed up the spacing. Hurray!


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