Voluntary Rickrolls?

4 April, 2008

So, spurred on by the most recent Rickrolling epidemic, I decided to show my appreciation for Mr. Astley by buying his greatest hits off of iTunes. Now, I’m a big fan of eighties music, which I bet many eople would already disafree with, but he’s really good. I think. I mean, it’s pure 80’s, but as 80’s goes it’s very well done. He has a good voice, and he does some good covers (Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, for one), and eightifies them, which is always entertaining. Apparently people thought (because of his voice) that he was actually a front for a black singer, when “Never Gonna Give You Up” first came out. But in sum, it was a 9.99 well spent.

In honor of Rick Astley, then, here are two entertaining versions of “Never Gonna Give You Up”: Family Guy and the Muppets (sort of). Also, his performance of “Cry Me a River” in 2005?! (HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AFTER 13 YEARS!!! Creepy! Better hair, though.)

[Side note: the lyrics to “Cry Me A River” are awesome! “You said that love was too plebeian. Told me you were through with me and….” Well done, Arthur Hamilton.]


One comment

  1. Made my day. Thanks for that Muppet video!

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