iPod Wonders

1 April, 2008

This is another semi-plug, but it’s for a really cool program, so it’s Okay.

Have you ever just wanted that song off someone else’s iPod? Or hey, why not their whole library! Well, now you can do it! It’s a program called Misu, which just came out of beta, and basically it copies one iPod onto another. Or multiple others. Unlike a bunch of the other programs like this out there, it’s really simple. Basically you connect 2+ iPods, open the program, and click a nice big button. It copies the music onto the new iPod, and then you can do what you will with it—keep it just on the iPod, or put it into your music library, etc. etc.

Not only is this great for sharing music, it also would be good for syncing your own iPods without having to bother with opening iTunes (I have two that I would like to have similar music, but one’s just larger).

So hurrah for technology once more!


One comment

  1. Thanks for the tip…it is really a great tool

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