April Fools’ Roundup!

1 April, 2008

I’ll probably add to this more as more shows up, but here are some of the more entertaining April Fools’ jokes from around the web.

Firefox Pranks!: [Indestructables] Fun things you can do with Firefox, that only work on April 1st. Some of these things are better than others.

Dodo: Web-based time machine!: [Aviary] Fake software! Changes photos based on age, season, plastic surgery, etc. The Michael Jackson is my favorite.

Flying Penguins on BBC Documentary: [BBC] I’m not actually sure if this is an April Fool’s joke or just a funny ad, but regardless, it’s still funny.

New Space Station Robot Asks to be Called Dextre the Magnificent: [NASA] Cool picture, funny caption.

Tauren Marine: [Blizzard] Combining World of Warcraft with Starcraft II. What will they think of next. There are some inside jokes I don’t get here because I don’t play WoW.

eHarmony Founder Finds Love at Match.com: [Online Dating Magazine] I have no idea what this site is. I swear. Regardless, funny article.

Amy Winehouse to Star in Dr. Who?: [ContactMusic] According to my brother, this was picked up by several news sites before it was figured out to be a prank. Just random and weird enough to be true, I suppose.

Election Deathmatch Coverage: [ESPN] Well, it would work… 

There are a bunch of Google pranks, as well as a few on basically every site I’m sure you find. If you really want more, go to April Fools’ Day On The Web. Gotcha. Here’s the real link.

And on that note, click on any of the featured videos on the Youtube welcome page. I’m glad they realise the potential of their site.

If you find any other good ones, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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