Monday Roundup 12!

31 March, 2008

I’ve got a bunch of links for you today… Wide-ranging, too!

[Humor] Garfield Without Garfield: Classic Garfield cartoons without Garfield. Very creepy. But kind of hilarious.

[Entertainment] Creme-Egg Fantasies: I’m counting this as art. According to the Cadbury site, the life goal of Cadbury creme eggs is to release their goo unto the world. Creepy. Click on “Fantasies” on the map (the hanging shade at the top right), and see all of the awesome videos they made with stop animation and candy. Like this one (if you’re too lazy to navigate through the site): Mousetrap – Special Edition.

[Entertainment] Sweded Movies!: So this is apparently all spawned from the movie “Be Kind Rewind,” but it’s a trend where people remake a movie themselves with a very low budget. Some are pretty hilarious. And some are pretty incredible, actually. Like this LOTR one, for example (the Ian McKellan voice is spot-on.) And be sure to watch for the velociraptors in this version of Jurassic Park. Finally, this stop-motion copy of the light race from TRON is really fun. There are many more of these, some are good and some are bad. Just search around on Youtube for the phrase”Sweded.” I guess I need to see “Be Kind Rewind” one of these days.

[Current] McCain Stumbles on H.I.V. Prevention: Man, and I liked McCain. I mean, I’m still an Obama man, and what’s more, a Democrat, but I thought McCain was smart and cool. Maybe it was just the situation. And trying to please lame conservative people.

[Random] Slow Motion Slap: Exactly what it sounds like. Really cool.

[Current] Phonautogram: This is a newly found recording, which is the oldest ever. Sort of. It wasn’t intended to be played back, but it can be. Anyway, it was created by a Frenchman before any of Edison’s recordings. And the story’s written by my cousin! Yay! (This has shown up in so many places over tha past few days, so I bet you’ve seen it before).

[Humor] Guy Who Says “Previously on Heroes” Wishes He Was Guy Who Says “Previously On Lost”: Honestly, I bet he does. The Lost guy isn’t that great. This is  a funny article from the Onion. Also from the Onion: Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? (A funny news discussion from the future)

[Geeky] D/A Clock mizes precision craftsmanship, space and time: It looks like a digital clock, but it isn’t! Cwazy!

[Humor] La Pequeña Hillary Clinton: So this little guy has been circling the nets for a while, in various iterations, and I’ve basically refused to post a link, because I think it’s weird/creepy. But this one’s pretty funny. So I’m lifting my ban. Just this once.

[Science] Suspended Animation Without the Freezing: Sounds cool. That video doesn’t work, though, so I don’t know what it was supposed to show.

[Science] Naked-eye Gamma Ray Burst: Let me know if any of you turn into the Hulk.

[Science] Colbert and Kamen Solve the World’s Water Problems: Dean Kamen has now redeemed himself from the disappointment that was the Segway. And Steven Colbert is cool, too.

[Geeky] Scifi Machines: Eight of the Oddest Inspriations for the Coolest Science Fiction Machines: I’m particularly interested in the one that’s backwards: Alien to the army suits, not the other way around. I didn’t know that was the first instance of one of those assisted lifting things. That was vaguely a pun. But not really.

[Current] Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe: The funny thing about this is he’s not insane… This is something I occasionally worry about, too. But not enough to sue anyone. [Current] is an iffy distinction, as well. I couldn’t think of anything else.

[Science] Saturn Moon May Have Ocean of Water: I mean, the fact that it might have water has been known for some time. But this is new evidence of an internal ocean.

Hurray!I have a few more, but that’s enough for this week. They’ll just carry over to next Monday, I suppose.

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