Technological Frustration

30 March, 2008

This is halfway between a complaint and a public service announcement. I just spent three hours dealing with a problem that should have never existed in the first place. Basically, ever since a little bit before spring break, my printer had not worked. Sort of. It’s one of those cool all-in-one deals that can scan and copy, as well as print. And the scanning and copying worked fine; the pictures got on to my computer and everything. But pressing Apple-P just didn’t work: I got a weird error message saying that the computer could not connect to the printer. Which is a blatant lie, because I could scan, and so the printer and computer were talking.

But, as I said, this was just before spring break, so I just shut everything down, went home, and hoped that it would get better with time. Which it didn’t. I needed to print out an application for a job today, and the same problem happened. So, I deleted the printer drivers and reinstalled them from the HP site. No good. I then deleted them and reinstalled them from Apple Software Update (it is handy that you can download drivers direct from Apple, because it can tell which ones you need). Also didn’t work. So, I tried deleting everything having to do with printing and resetting the preferences, restarting the computer…. Nothing. Finally I looked online (this is after about three hours, and redownloading the stupid drivers about 10 separate times), and randomly found the problem.

The problem is Apple’s most recent Security Update (2008-002). But not by itself, no. That would be too easy. It’s the newest update combined with another program: Audio Hijack Pro. This is actually a very useful program; it can record audio, which is cool, but I already have something that does that. What I use it for is something that Apple really should build in to computers: the ability to mute individual applications. So often I’m playing a flash game online that doesn’t have a volume control, which is lame. So, I just use Audio Hijack Pro to mute Firefox, and I can still listen to iTunes and hear alerts and everything. Very cool. Anyway, as you can see from that description, Audio Hijack Pro has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH PRINTING!!!!!! And yet, it still screws it up. In combination with the Security Update. Luckily someone (I have NO idea how) figured out that this was the problem, and they’ve released an update to AHP that fixes it.

So now I can print. Woohoo. But seriously, that problem made NO sense and shouldn’t have existed.

Now I’m listening to the album “The Reminder” by Feist, which is on many 2007 top ten album lists. It’s pretty good, but… I was about to say I like the Amy Winehouse album better (because it’s somewhat similar), and then I realised that on the particular list I was looking at, Back to Black was number one. So, people agree with me. Or rather, since I’m rather late, I agree with people.

More on albums later, as I’m experimenting with only listening to full albums. As is my brother.

That is all.

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