Monday Roundup 11!

24 March, 2008

I’m back from New York! It was the longest I’ve ever driven by myself (4 hours each way), but it was pretty fun, actually. I mean, being there was definitely fun, but the drive was fun too. I didn’t have to skip a single song on my playlist, which is really rare for me… So that was 150 odd songs in a row. I’m impressed with myself. And that’s why I didn’t update over the weekend. I went to a cave, which I’ll probably talk about later today or tomorrow. (Caves are awesome.) So, without further ado, the roundup. I’m trying to do this earlier in the day, as that gives it more of a chance of actually being Monday when you guys read it…

[Geeky] Wii Damage: This blog hasn’t been updated in more than a year (after people realised how to not destroy everything in their house when playing video games), but there are still some pretty impressive pictures of bad things that happened when people first played with their Wiis.

[Tech] RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator: So, back in the day, I read a far-future sci-fi book series called the Hyperion Cantos, which was amazing for many reasons. But one of them was the fact that the first book was written in the 70s late 80s, and basically every technology in the book had not been thought of then but has been though of since (well, except for hypergates, but things like wireless internet and comlinks [in effect, iPhones]). And now, I can add another one to the list: sub-vocal communications. This has been around for a while, NASA is working on using it for guiding Mars rovers, but this is the first commercial application of it, that I’ve seen anyway. Woah, that was a lot of explanation. [EDIT: Awks. I should have actually read that wikipedia article, instead of just linking to it. 1989 was the date of the first book. I rely on my memory too much, I guess. In any case, my point still stands. Those things didn’t exist (although they were much closer to existing than I thought), and now they do. Dan Simmons is cool. That is all.

[Random] Discardia: For those of us who need motivation for spring (/fall/summer/winter) cleaning… A holiday? Eh, why not. I like the varying lengths of the “celebration” (from the equinox or solstice to the following new moon).

[Current] An Enduring Test of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up: This almost motivates me to do push-ups. Almost.

[Random] Beer Cupcakes: Sound good to me! In (belated) honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I guess.

[Current] Australian Man Gunned Down in Driveway by Killer Robot: Ok, so he created and programmed the robot to do just that. But still, this makes me uneasy that it worked. I don’t like robots. Especially ones made to kill people, regardless of whether or not it’s suicide. I have to hand it to the guy though; he certainly picked an inventive (and time-consuming) way to go.

[Humor] Barack Obama-sistible: The Fake Steve Jobs finds amazing videos.

[Entertainment] Peeps Show II: The Washington Post ran a contest where people recreated movie scenes (for the most part; some are from other sources) with Peeps. Some are pretty cool. More fun things you can do with Peeps here.

[Science] Four Online Telescopes Serve the Stars to Interstellar Paparazzi: You can get pictures of whatever you want in the sky. This is pretty cool. (Especially if  you combine it with one of those Name-a-Star things.)

[Entertainment] Name That Film: Some of these are really hard, and others are really easy. People upload stills from movies, and the game is to identify them. See how well-versed in cinema you really are…

[Random] Elite Forces Utility Comb: Definitely look at the headline, if nothing else. Some things in this world I will never understand.

[Tech] A flashlight that hides a submachine gun is terrifying: The title says it all. Another tool combined with a weapon.

[Science] Capture Lightning in a Block: I would totally do this, if I had time.


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  1. Ok, so dude… much as I love correcting your wildly inaccurate blog, maybe an occasional quick fact-check on your own part would be useful. Hyperion was written in 1989, the other books in the 90s.

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