Band Names

21 March, 2008

Are strange. I’ve always had a running joke wit my friends that whenever anyone says anything weird, we should take it out of context, and have it be a band name. I believe the best one to date is “4 Foot Dwarves From New Zealand,” or something like that. I’m a little sad that I can’t remember it exactly. But seriously, where do band names come from? Even mainstream band names don’t make a lot of sense if you think about them: Radiohead? Coldplay? AMY WINEHOUSE? At least U2 is (presumably) named after the plane. Even most of the bands that have a clear source for their name (rather than beng just a random combination of words), don’t really have an explanation (at least overtly) about why they have the name. Franz Ferdinan, for example. That’s the guy whose assassination (on my birthday!)led to WWI. But why would a Scottish band be called that? I could understand an Austrian band (like Falco?)

Also, how do you pronounce !!!?

This was spawned by my iTunes library. I’m working on a playlist for a five hour drive I’m going to be taking tomorrow, and I realised that I have in my library songs by American Hi-Fi, Low Fidelity [or Lo-Fi] All Stars, and No-Fi Soul Rebellion. I see a trend.

Finally, my current band name is Menage Ottawa. We think this is hilarious, because it’s an actual volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica (Menage-Ottawa). But it sounds like Menage à Trois. In case you didn’t catch that.

Comment with suggestions on my driving playlist, if you have them, by the way!

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