Harvard Housing Day

20 March, 2008

[EDIT: There’s a great site here: Harvard Housing Day for all your housing day needs. Check it out!]

Today is Housing Day, where all the little freshman find out what house they will be in for the next three years. AWESOME!!

As a testament to how strange my school is, and also how stupid the media can be, here is a news report on Housing Day three or four years ago. The news thought it was a war protest. Oddly, they somehow had worked up a whole itinerary… the march would start at Annenberg Hall (where they are in the video), continue on to MIT, and then eventually to City Hall (if I remember correctly). The only thing I can think of is that they conflated it with an actual protest, but I really don’t know. [EDIT: For some clarification, read samgr’s comment below]



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  1. As someone who was there and saw them filming it, I can fill you in. It was actually five years ago, and Housing Day coincided with THE FIRST DAY OF THE IRAQ WAR. There was an actual protest, with that itinerary, but the news media saw signs saying ‘Pfuck the Quad’ and naturally thought they were in the right place.

  2. haha. thats hilarious!

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