Monday Roundup 10!

17 March, 2008

This should start actually being weekly, now. Before I begin this week, I really should talk about a little extension that really helps me out when writing these roundups, as well as just in general. (I’m getting to test the next beta, too, so this is a thank you for that!) It’s called Read it Later, and it’s a firefox extension from the Idea Shower. Basically it adds a little button in your toolbar that, if you click it, saves the page for later (separate from your bookmarks), and you don’t have to bother with labelling a bookmark or anything like that. Also, what’s great is that it’s not permanent. Once you’ve finished reading something, you can just click the button again and it deletes it from the list. You can also have it show a random site from your list, or go through them in order. Basically it’s great for storing pages to, well, read later, when you have more time, so you can just skim at the beginning.

Cool. Anyway, the links.

[Random] Mother Nature goofs up, destroys wind turbine: Seriously mom, after all we’ve done to try not to destroy you with our fossil fuels and carbon emissions, this is the thanks we get? Well, everyone has mother issues…(really cool video)

[Entertainment] Richard Hammond presents Bloody Omaha (The Graphics): Three guys. Four days. One awesome battle scene. Amazing what computers can do these days, isn’t it. This is an ad for a show; I want to see it.

[Random] Mirrored rock sculpture looks like an alien artifact: Neato. Yes, I just said that.

[Geeky] Troika art virus: Even disease (electronically, at least) can be pretty. They don’t explain, however, how to get the computer back to normal afterwards…

[Random] How to Break a Glass With Your Voice: Uh-huh. Let me know if you do this.

[Current] NZ dolphin rescues beached whales: See? I told you New Zealanders were the second smartest animals on the planet. Er, dolphins. I mean dolphins.

[Entertainment] Fresh Pics; The Amazing Foodscapes by Carl Warner: These are a little too photoshopped for my tastes (get it? Because they’re food?), but still pretty cool.

[Random] Band to Band: If only Kevin Bacon played an instrument.

[Current] Why We’re Powerless to Resist Grazing on Endless Web Data: It’s not my fault! Hooray! Stupid biology.

[Current] ‘Creepy gnome’ terrorises town: This is either hilarious or really scary. I can’t decide which.

[Random] Iranian to pay 124,000-rose dowry: Sucks for him. Where would you even put them?

[Science] Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos: Most of these are just okay, but be sure to look at #2. We were shown this at the beginning of my life chemistry class, and I could never find it on Youtube. Well, not with the awesome music, anyway. Wired comes to the rescue.

[Entertainment] Shift: Fun game.

[Random] Web Trend Map 2008 Beta: Seems like everything is put into a subway map these days. This one’s pretty cool, although it would take forever to actually look at and understand it.

[Entertainment] Food Court Musical: I have always wanted to do this. Now someone has. I wish the voices were a little better, and the song, but the idea is great by itself. Also, I can’t say anything bad, because I’m part of the group (not this specific event, just Improv Everywhere).


[St. Patrick’s Day] Danny Boy: The muppets meet the Irish. This is really funny, and I swear I didn’t just find it today on Boing Boing. They reminded me of it, but my brother showed it to me a while ago. Really! (Although I do get a lot of my stuff from Boing Boing…)

At some point I’ll catch up and put all of these (and the past couple weeks’ as well) up on the roundup page. Maybe over spring break.

Have a good day!



  1. Dude, St. Patrick’s day, and those muppets are IRISH. That’s just sad.

  2. Well, my comment makes no sense now that you’ve fixed your embarrassing gaffe.

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