Hard Decisions

13 March, 2008

I recently went through an incredibly quick series of a capella auditions and callbacks for a group at my school, and it helped me to realise something. Although it’s incredibly nerve-wracking and difficult to audition and then wait for the response of the group, it’s probably equally hard for the group to decide. The current singers spent 5 hours last night after we auditionees had left trying to figure out who they would finally accept. And didn’t come up with a response. So, they’re meeting again tonight. It’s nice to know that you are being argued over, but I almost feel bad for them. Yes, I was sitting around for a good part of that 5 hours, waiting for a call, with my… is there a phrase like heart in my stomach? If so, that. But they must have been having such a hard time in the deliberations.

It’s really hard to decide the fate of someone. Whether it’s an a capella audition or something more, it’s so hard to make that final decision, to reject them or accept them. I had jury duty this summer, and actually got on a case. I’m not going to go into too many details, both to retain confidentiality and also because it was boring, but a man was contesting his DUI charge. It was pretty clear that he was guilty, or at least guilty of something, so our deliberations didn’t last long. But it was hard. Even though I knew he was guilty, I didn’t want to say it. I didn’t want to condemn him (well, I guess that turn of phrase actually means something in this case), even though I knew he should be. Thank god that the jury’s don’t have to decide the sentence, just the verdict.

Anyway, next time you’re at a job interview, or sending in an application for a program, just remember that the other person is having just as difficult a time. I think, at least for me, this will help me to feel better, and be calmer.


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