Once Again,

26 February, 2008

I come out in favor of Obama. I just heard about ten seconds of the debate tonight, walking through the hallway, and Hillary was already annoying. And defensive. I don’t know what the question she was asked was, but she was angry about it… “You know, in all the debates so far I’ve been asked the first question. Now, I don’t mind it at all [she clearly did], but, you know, if you all watched Saturday Night Live…” and then I got out of earshot. But she didn’t sound happy, she sounded like she was fighting for her life, which I don’t think is really a good quality to have in a presidential candidates. Now, I haven’t watched any of the other debates, and this I only heard what I just wrote down, so I’m not too knowledgeable. Nor do I know if Obama was stupid as well. But that’s just what I thought, from those five seconds of dialogue.

Food for thought, I guess. Although I’ve already voted, so I’m not sure how useful my thinking is…


One comment

  1. It was all pretty lame, from what I saw. The awkward thing is that I think she actually has something of a point when it comes to a media bias against her (certainly from notorious dick Tim Russert). But acting petulant is clearly not a smart way to deal with that. It just makes Matthews and Russert madder and more snarky, and it makes her look bad to voters as well. Obama’s method, which is a lot smarter, is to gently acknowledge that a question is stupid (what does Senator Clinton have to do to prove her worthiness?) and then talk about whatever the hell he wants to.

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