Monday Roundup 9!

25 February, 2008

I really need to start posting things other than roundups… especially when I say I’m going to. Oh well

[Science] ‘Frog from hell’ fossil unearthed: Everything was bigger in the past: cars, castles, computers and frogs.

[Science] Review: Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin: This book looks sort of cool; don’t bother to read the review the whole way through, though. The interesting point is down near the bottom, where it says that yawning is most likely an inherited attempt at gill-breathing. Pretty cool.

[Humor] Library Simulator: Seriously, what can’t you find on the internet. Why does this exist. (I found this from I believe boing boing, which linked to it as the worst flash game ever. I think I concur.)

[Random] Tweaking taps for a constantly warm shower: So use makes showers unusable? Or at least unenjoyable? Who knew?

[Entertainment] Mecha Manga Bible Heroes: The title says it all.

[Entertainment] Edith Piaf, superspy: Man, all these old ladies were amazing during WWII, even apart from being awesome anyways. First Julia Child, now Edith Piaf…

[Random] Killer Elmo: CREEEEEEEEPY. And it totally sounds like the company is trying to cover it up.

[Current] Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle: Weird Obama fan site; it makes random sentences showing how cool you are, in relation to Obama. Copied by Hillary is Mom Jeans. This one’s more about how cool Hillary is, in relation to herself. Obama doesn’t need to be told how cool he is.

[Entertainment] Part of Your World: Wow is all I can say.


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