Monday Roundup 8!

18 February, 2008

A few weeks off, but here goes:

[Humor] Police Seek Morin: Hehe. He looks funny. And has no jaw?

[Humor] ‘Faceless’ Bank Robber: Another tricky one for the fuzz.

[Current] Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?: Well, FSJ seems to think so…

[Entertainment] Best Scenes From “The Wicker Man”: A video compiling the… er… best moments of Nick Cage’s acting in the Wicker Man. Best is used very loosely here.

[Entertainment] Woah: The Soviet Union was well known for its lions. And its horses. And its lions riding horses. Well, it is now, anyway.

[Tech] Fluxxlab Revolution revolving door generates electricity: Okay, I have had this idea for like three years now. I really need to patent things. (Seriously! I talked about this a lot last year, with the Science Center doors…)

[Entertainment] The Art and Science of Paper Folding: Using Macs to create origami. Pretty cool.

[Humor] “And wait’ll you see all the closet space!”: Awks.

[Science] New Mini-Pterodactyl Among Smallest Known: Aw, it’s so cute! Aw, it bit my finger off!

[Random] Polar bears and dogs playing: Ah, the arctic. A wonderland of snow, ice, and murderous animals playing with dogs that they could snap like twigs. Thanks, mom, for this one (insert obligatory “Awwwww”…[for both the thank you and for the video])

That’s it for this week! Coming up next: Firing ranges! The inside story!


One comment

  1. Des anyone read this blog? Trying to give you some hits. Liopleurodons are fun skin nude pictures of Condoleeza Rice Britney Spears covered in mud Is Obama black enough too black approximately as black as a duck how many licks does it take Smash Bros. for Wii. P.S. I’m home from Syracuse now.

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