Monday Roundup 7!

28 January, 2008

No real need for introductions, so here are the links!

[Random] Origami Spaceplane to Launch from Space Station: This is cool.

[Science] NASA Photo Shows Humanoid Figure on Mars: So, turns out it’s about 6cm high. But that’s okay, it just looks like a tiny person, instead of a normal one…

[Random] Knitted, dissected froggy: Exactly what the title suggests.

[Entertainment] Man Imitates America’s Army, Saves Lives: See? Video games are good for people.

[Entertainment] Sculptures and furniture of weapons: And guns can be too.

[Science] Lazy option is best when waiting for the bus: I have always wondered about this.

[Random] The Stone Face: Don’t read the text. Seriously. Just look at the pictures, they are much less lame.

[Science] Robots Evolve and Learn How to Lie: This is what I was afraid of…

[Current] Honour sought for ‘Soldier Bear’: Bears are good for people, too. I’m unclear on why they had to enlist him, though.

[Current] More writer’s strike stuff: Mock debate between writers and execs, played by the writers of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (before Congress, no less…).

For the record, art is included under Entertainment. Have a good week!


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