Monday Roundup 6!

21 January, 2008

So, a bunch of weeks off from rounding up links, and what do I have to show for it? Well, honestly, not much. Sadly school and the holidays really prevented me from my aimless web surfing, so I don’t have too many links today. I had a few more, but they’ve expired, or gone elsewhere. Sad. Nevertheless, here are some to enjoy.

[Humor] Brazilian Santa Escapes Gunfire: From before Christmas, here’s a seasonal story. With machine guns.

[Random] Strandbeest.com: A man named Theo Jansen (who is Dutch, I believe—correct me if I’m wrong…) creates these crazy wind-powered animals. They are really cool; just look at some of the videos and you’ll see what I mean.

[Science] Tunguska disaster explanation: So, in 1908, a massive explosion happened in Siberia, and no one knew what caused it. One explanation was a mini-black hole. These guys say it was an asteroid. I don’t understand their simulations, but they’re pretty.

[Random] The Year’s 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth: I like these Wired lists. They’re usually entertaining. And… environmentally conscious?

[Current] E.P.A. Says 17 States Can’t Set Emission Rules: Seriously, what the hell, government. It’s not gonna hurt you that some states have stricter rules than you do…

[Random] US town escapes 666 phone prefix: This is entertaining. Good for them.

[Science] Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch: This guy has probably watched the Matrix too many times. Nevertheless, it’s pretty interesting.

[Random] Brain Surgery Lets Woman Listen to Music: Sean Paul never knew how much he affected people…

[Random] Giant drill makes subway tunneling easy: Woah.

[Entertainment] The Cloverfield Bootleg: Meta? Very. Funny? Sorta. (kudos to Ben for this one.)

A final message: If any of these links don’t work, or stop working (that goes for the Roundup Roundup page as well), please let me know, and I can remove them from the archive if necessary, or find an alternate link. It would be sad to have a pageful of dead links.


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  1. Very entertaining blog. I love the Dutch walking machine animal.

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