You Know How I Said…

13 January, 2008

That I was an independent, just so I would have a possibility of voting for a bad candidate in the Republican primary? Well, apparently I’m not the only one with that idea…

Progressive Blogmeister To His Troops: Vote For Mitt

Not sure if this will work, or even whether it’s a good idea, but it’s interesting to see that I’m not alone in my sneaky, Democratic ways.


One comment

  1. Now I have the greatest respect for people taking action against terrible [republican] leadership, but I cannot endorse breaking our already broken system even further.

    Part of the problem with the primary system is that it is constructed in such a way that we tend to end up with fairly shitty candidates. Now, despite how incredibly terrible everyone in the presidential race may be, would it not be in everyone’s best interest to have the best of candidates running from both parties?

    I don’t really have time to elaborate on this, but I will say this: if Mitt Romney becomes our president, I’m blaming you folk!

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