Things that Go Bump In the (Prehistoric) Night: A Kronosaurus and a Liopleurodon!

13 January, 2008

This is partially a post, and partially an experiment. I recently, for one of my classes, had to do a biomechanical analysis of a Kronosaurus. This is a huge sea reptile from way back in the history of our planet. It was about 10 meters long, and pretty vicious. From my analysis I discovered that it couldn’t move too fast, or turn too quickly, but it didn’t need to. The sheer power of this creature, and its massive jaws were enough to catch anything it needed. But it wasn’t alone in those ancient seas; there were many huge predators.

And now for the experiment. People seem to be enthralled with these plesiosaurs. Take the liopleurodon. It is featured in a Youtube video that shot around the net about a year ago now, for no clear reason. And my brother happened to write a post about it and still gets multiple hits per day from searches for information on liopleurodons. So, the experiment is to see whether this post gets me more hits. If you’re reading this, you’re now just another number on my stats page. Congratulations! But don’t feel bad, you won’t leave here empty-handed. Here are a bunch of links about prehistoric animals. Including a picture of the specific Kronosaurus specimen that I analysed.

A Dinosaur Story
Wikipedia article on Liopleurodons
My Kronosaurus

And who knows? Maybe this is what the Loch Ness monster is!

So yeah! Woooo dinosaurs! I guess they don’t go bump, though. Maybe splash is more accurate.


One comment

  1. “But it wasn’t alone in those ancient seas; there were many huge predators.” You suck.

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