Review: I’m Not There (RATING:7/10)

6 January, 2008

I’m not sure how much I can really say about this movie. I liked it a lot, but I didn’t understand it all. Perhaps this is because I don’t really know too much about Bob Dylan; I read his autobiography, Chronicles, but that was nearly as confusing as the movie, as well as being some time ago, so I don’t remember it all that well.

This movie had a point it was making, I think. Unlike “Donnie Darko” (in my opinion), rather than being on the surface a deep movie and really being pointless, I think “I’m Not There” really did have a deeper meaning. That being said, I couldn’t tell you what it is.

The format of the film is very interesting, with six different actors (that number could be wrong) playing various personas of Dylan. Including Cate Blanchett, whose portrayal really is dead-on. And with the wig, she really looks like him, too. Christian Bale is good but underused, and Heath Ledger and Richard Gere also play their parts well.

Really, my main impression of this movie was that it was very fun to watch. And maybe it would be more meaningful if the viewer knew a lot about Bob Dylan and his phases. But that’s certainly not necessary. It was enjoyable, and you can feel sophisticated while watching it. So go out and see it, if it’s anywhere near you (it’s mostly in art cinemas, I think).


One comment

  1. AND, my parents took you to it for free. Bumps it up 1 point in my book. I agree with the Donnie Darko test you put it up to (is it self-important and confusing/contradictory for a REASON or not)? I think you should post a negative review of Donnie Darko in retrospect, it would be a brave and justified endeavor.

    ps. This movie was yet another in the slew of recent movies where I was waiting for a bit from the preview which did not turn up. Specifically, a scene where little black Bob Dylan was asked by the hobos: “I thought you were older…” to which he replied “I used to be, much older.” I thought maybe we’d see him in the train at the end again after we saw Richard Gere pick up his guitar in the train, as if Richard Gere had come full circle and become the little boy. Conclusion: you should write an entry on movies where they left out cool parts from the trailers.

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