The Coming Election…

2 January, 2008

Well, the Iowa caucus is only a day away. Man, that’s early. But that’s the trend these days—the earlier a state’s primary or caucus is, the more important it is. I unfortunately can’t remember which state this is for (I think New Hampshire?) but it is illegal for it not to be the first primary (if it is NH; one of the first if it isn’t). That’s just so strange. I mean who goes to jail if it isn’t? Oh well.

But as for the candidates, I really don’t know. I’m registered as an Independent, but that’s only so I have the option of voting for a Republican in the primary if I really want to. The reason I would want to? If I vote for a bad candidate, he (note the masculine pronoun) has a chance of getting the nomination, and screwing over the Republicans. Yay! Um, I’m a Democrat. Regardless, I am going to vote Democrat in this primary. If I get a ballot (mine for the local election last fall somehow disappeared…)

And that brings up the question of who to vote for. At least in the opinion of most everyone I’ve talked to, it’s really down to just Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. So, who’s it going to be? I’m very unclear, but there are two sites that have tried to help me (they’ve really just ended up confusing me more, but that’s me, not the sites). They are Glassbooth and SelectSmart. They both use a slightly different method of rating the importance of issues and also your opinions on them to give the candidate with whom you would agree most.

My results? For both sites, Dennis Kucinich was the closest match by far. But he has no chance (sadly), so my runner-up for SelectSmart was Obama, and according to Glassbooth, I’m a Clinton man. She wasn’t actually second, but she was the first high-profile candidate. So this basically means nothing. I’m a college student, so I feel like I should go with Obama, but then again, I didn’t really think he was ready when he first announced his candidacy. Well, I’ve got a month to decide.

What are your thoughts? Who are you voting for? And did these sites agree with what you thought, or give you someone totally different than who you thought you wanted? Comment, as always.


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  1. I humbly suggest voting for Obama.

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