Monday Roundup 4!

10 December, 2007

I’m just barely getting this in while it’s still Monday, but that doesn’t make the links any less interesting…

[Humor] How much punishment can a robot dinosaur take?: This is pretty hilarious. One of the newest toys out in time for Christmas (I believe) is Pleo, a robot dinosaur. The people over at DVICE want to break it. It reacts pretty much like a real creature, which is half funny and half scary. Decide for yourself.

[Current] US Opposes Climate Text at UN Conference: Another example of the US being stupid about global warming.

[Random] Sassy red automobile bares all: Ever wanted to see every single part of a car laid out? No, eh? Well, you still can. Here.

[Humor] Top 14 spurious productivity surveys: What it sounds like. Strange estimates like coughing costing Britain £875 million a year. Read through to the end, the guy’s sign off is funny.

[Humor] Hindu gods get summons from court: Another strange but awesome judge story.

[Entertainment] The Vegetable Orchestra: Well, you’ll see what it is. Further investigation of Youtube led me to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. They are what you think they are, although a bit smaller. However, they also (although being kind of bad singers) do what is arguably the thing I like most in music, singing different melodies (from pop tunes, mostly) on top of each other and having them fit in. Here are their performances of David Bowie’s Life on Mars, and a medley starting with Handel (Hotel California is a bad choice, but the rest is good).

[Geeky] MacHeist: I really like macs. And, I really like scavenger hunts, both on and off line. However, most of the online ones require you to have a PC. Not this one. Also, you get free software! Everyone wins! Check it out, it’s only just begun, and it’s pretty fun.

[Current] Al Gore – Nobel Lecture: This is Al Gore’s speech that he gave when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize today. Incredible speech, in my opinion, and clearly an important topic to me (and the world). You really should read it, if just to please me. (I can see what you click on, you know.)

[Random] Mysterious mammal caught on film: These little guys are awesome. They can jump around like nothing else, and have huge ears. Strangely, their massive tails are not mentioned in the article, but nevertheless they are at least three times their body length.

[Science] Making Skin Cells Into Stem Cells Minus the Cancer: An update on the story I posted a few weeks ago.

[Science] Getting a Grip: Building the Ultimate Robotic Hand: A really interesting article on robots and how they learn. More captivating than you would think.


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