Monday Roundup 3!

3 December, 2007

Coming back (hopefully for good) from sick leave, I bring you many interesting tidbits from the web. A bunch of cell-phone-related stuff, as well as dinosaurs! zombies! a mission to mars! and… um… do-it-yourself eye surgery!
This sounds safe.

[Geeky] Cellphone’s slosh and rattle reveal its contents: While this is a pretty cool way to tell battery power or text message count, I feel like it would get annoying for other people really quickly…

[Random] LEGOs make the perfect Scrabble board: Two amazing things… combined!!!

[Science] NASA outlines manned Mars vision: Well, this is awesome. Finally. It’s still really far away, but at least there’s a plan.

[Humor] Judge suspended for jailing court: Hilarious. He was under stress in his personal life… I guess that accounts for it. Shouldn’t really be under humor, but…

[Tech] Apple Developing Mini CD/DVD-ROM Adapter For Slot Loading Drives: This has taken them far too long. Seriously, this should have been fixed a long time ago.

[Current] Ecospot: Grand Prize Winner: The Sky Is Falling: Funny video. Not funny topic.

[Software] Folder Quick Look Plugin: This little doohickey allows you to see the contents of a folder in Mac OS Leopard when you’re using Quick Look, instead of just a picture of the folder, which is pretty uninformative.

[Software] Wallpaper Clocks: For all operating systems, these are wallpapers that have a clock on them, which changes with the time. Pretty cool, I think. Especially the Patek Philippe one, in my opinion.

[Geeky] Eye Power device boasts point-and-shoot eyesight boost for the brave: Ummm… if you want to try this, go right ahead. Let me know how it works. I’m not going near it.

[Science] Scientists Create Zombie Cockroaches: They just keep walking, and following whoever leads them. Stolen chemicals from a wasp which leads them home for supper.

[Entertainment] Skycast.com — Star Wars v Star Trek: A pretty cool video made with lights and long exposures.

[Science] Rare Mummified Dinosaur Unearthed: Yay dinosaurs! Yay mummies! Yay… skin and muscle?

[Current] Co-worker, Not Cell Phone, Was Killer: This is the second part of a story which unfortunately overwrote the first part (the same web-link). A man was found dead with a melted cell phone battery in his shirt pocket, and large wounds to the chest. It was said that the cell phone had exploded, killing the man. This was found to be untrue, as you will read.

[Entertainment] Jelly Blobs of Doom: Wow. That is all I can say. An incredibly addictive game.


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