Review: Top Gun (RATING:8/10)

2 December, 2007

Top Gun is clearly not a new movie. It was made in 1986, before I was born (be shocked!). But, I saw it for the first time the other day, through the magic of Netflix (seriously Netflix is awesome. Blockbuster online is, too, for that matter. Any of those services.), so I decided that it deserved a review. I really enjoyed this movie. Tom Cruise before he went insane (although you can see hints of it every now and then) and Val Kilmer are the most recognizable stars in the film, although there are a bunch of that-guys as well as Tom Skerritt, who is awesome in basically any role.

The plot is simple enough; Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his partner Goose (whose real name, as far as I noticed, is never actually said in the film) go to Fighter Weapons School, affectionately named Top Gun by its students. There they compete against the other top naval pilots for the coveted Top Gun Trophy (which, the government states, does not, and never did exist). And, there’s a love story thrown in there, too. So, the story is simple, but regardless, it is exciting. The dogfights, both the simulated ones against teachers at FWS and also the two encounters with enemy MiGs (bookending the film) are really enjoyable to watch, and probably would have given me vertigo if I had seen it on a bigger screen. This is a good thing, though—it means that I really felt in on the action. There is a tragedy in the plot, too, which I won’t go into so as not to ruin the movie, but you feel that, too. You are as sad as the characters are, and feel the same way they do about the particulars of what happened.

Why not 10/10? Well, there’s not much wrong with it. It was a great movie for what it was, however, as I said, the plot was pretty simple, and there were no twists and turns. There was a bit of a confusing back story about Tom Cruise’s father, which didn’t detract from the film, but it didn’t really add to it, either. I tend to prefer more complex movies with, lets face it, better actors than Tom Cruise (the other guys were great, but more relies on the main character, generally).

However, the dogfights were very fun to watch, and that’s really what this movie was about. Who doesn’t love a good aerial battle!


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