All Hail Apple.

16 November, 2007

Just a little more about me, spawned from the release today of Mac OS X 10.5.1. I’m sort of a macaholic. I got Leopard basically the day it came out (although, to be fair, I actually installed it using my roommates install disc) and I’ve always been a proponent of Macs over PCs. This has stretched into many other avenues — as a young teenager getting my first video game system that hooked up to my TV, I chose a Gamecube over an Xbox purely because the latter was made by Microsoft, and I refused to buy anything created by that hellish company.

But seriously. Macs are amazing. I guess it really depends on what you grew up with. I grew up with Macs, and that’s what I love. Actually, my first computer (which still exists and functions) was a green and black screened computer made by that famous manufacturer of personal computers, AT&T. I had no idea they ever did anything other than telecommunications… But this computer was amazing. Oregon Trail, ThinkQuest, all these old games that are just amazing, regardless of their crappy graphics. They had to rely on interesting narratives, ideas, etc. We had so many of those text adventures — Zork, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and so on. The other thing about this computer was it was so easy to program. GWBasic was the main language, and me and my brother made all sorts of things with it, from a rodeo program to a simple greeting program, in which you entered your name, and it responded with a personalized response. This last one started with the names of our family and friends, and soon expanded onto stranger characters, such as the muppets, cartoon characters, books, etc.

But I digress. Macs. Yes, Macs are superior. They are more expensive, but the hardware and software is advancing faster than it appears to be in PCs (I have nothing to base this on, so correct me if I’m wrong). And, well, already film and photo and other artsy projects are much better on macs, so if the software manufacturers catch on and start making more programs for macs — which they are, more all the time —, the Mac could conceivable take over the market from the PC. Because that’s the main thing they have that we don’t — software. In fact, the takeover has already happened some places. Just recently, it was revealed that in Japan, Apple received 53% of the market share (of software operating systems, that is, not computers in general), beating out PCs for the first time. Which is pretty cool. And they always say that Japan is more advanced, that future technologies come out of Japan. Let’s hope that that future tech has a nice big apple on it.


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